Volume iii


Volume iii - (1000 pages)

Summarizes the Claims of 56 Brethren and Mennonite families who lived in the Bridgewater, Dayton and Mole Hill areas of Rockingham County, Virginia

Listed below are the names of the 56 claimants in Volume III. In addition to each claim, the testimony of neighbors and family members opens windows of insight and understanding into each claim and the difficulties county residents experienced during this time.

Bridgewater and Vicinity
Joseph Click
John Evers
David Garber
Joel Glick
Harvey Johnson
Mary Kagey
Jacob H. Lindsey
Samuel E. Long
William Mc Williams
Abraham Miller
Barbara Miller
Henry Miller
Jacob Miller
John A. Miller
Samuel Miller
Henry Niswander
William S. Perry
Samuel Sheets
Christian & Susanna Snell

Dayton Post Office
Benjamin Bowman
Daniel Bowman
Henry Early
John A. Early
John Flory
Christian C. Garber
John J. Garber
Gabriel D. Heatwole
John G. Heatwole
Abraham Sager
Benjamin A. “Annie” Sandy
Silas Sandy
Jacob Senger
Michael Shank
Mary Sunnafrank
Benjamin Wenger
Noah C. Wenger

Dayton Vicinity
Peter Blosser
Rebecca Burkholder
Samuel Coffmam
Jacob Driver
Daniel P. Good
David Hartman
Margaret H. Rhodes
Jacob Shank
Emanuel Suter
John B. Wenger

Harrisonburg Vicinity and Rural Post Offices
James Anderson
Benjamin S. Bierley
John Brunk
Henry Burkholder
Daniel J. Good
Archibel Holland
James J. Miller
Joseph M. Miller
Tazewell Moubray
Christian Showalter
John Wine


Rockingham County businessmen Norman R. Wenger and David S. Rodes have researched the archival records of the Southern Claims Commission and compiled the claims these families submitted to the U.S. Government for compensation after the war. The claimants' stories, written by Emmert F. Bittinger, reveal physical hardship, struggles of conscience and fear of losing one’s life.

Editor Emmert Bittinger, Professor Emeritus of Bridgewater College, has prepared the numerous documents for publication and written an insightful introduction to Volumes I-V. His comments and claim summaries set each in context and help the reader to understand the claim and how the Claims Commission responded to it.

This series is co-published by the Brethren & Mennonite Heritage Center,
(formerly Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center)
P.O. Box 1563, Harrisonburg, VA 22803