Volume iv


Volume IV - (1000 pages)

Includes the Claims of 60 Brethren and Mennonite families who lived in the Broadway, Cootes Store and Timberville areas of Rockingham County, Virginia

There are a total of 60 families described in this volume. Although most were strongly loyal to the Union and their losses major, only around a third received any payments. Under threats of death and loss of their property, they had been coerced at the polls to vote for secession.

John H. Baker
George Branner, Est
John A. Cline
Mary Guyer
Mary S. Homan
Michael Homan, Est.
Joseph F. Kline
Michael B. E. Kline
William J. Miller
John Minick, Est. & Noah Minnick
Peter Ritchie
Abraham Shank
John Shaver
Jacob Silvuse
Isaac Smith
Noah Spitzer
Joseph Wampler
Joshua Wampler
John Zigler

Bowmans Mill
George Kline
John B. Kline
Samuel Shank

Cherry Grove
Abraham Beery, Est.
Abraham Brenneman
Jacob Good
George W. Grady
John Hawse
Phillip Hollar
Jacob A. Mitchell
Jacob Moyers
John Shultz
David Spitzer
Jacob Spitzer
John Stinespring
John B. Zirkle

Cootes Store
George Brunk
Dr. Wesley Newham
Jacob Turner

W. K. Abbot
James M. Branner
William Cambell
David and Louis Driver
John W. Driver
Jonas Early
Martin Garber
Emanuel Hoover
David Kline
William McInturff
Samuel H. Myers
David B. Rhodes
William G. Thompson


Rockingham County businessmen Norman R. Wenger and David S. Rodes have researched the archival records of the Southern Claims Commission and compiled the claims these families submitted to the U.S. Government for compensation after the war. The claimants' stories, written by Emmert F. Bittinger, reveal physical hardship, struggles of conscience and fear of losing one’s life.

Editor Emmert Bittinger, Professor Emeritus of Bridgewater College, has prepared the numerous documents for publication and written an insightful introduction to Volumes I-V. His comments and claim summaries set each in context and help the reader to understand the claim and how the Claims Commission responded to it.

This series is co-published by the Brethren & Mennonite Heritage Center,
(formerly Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center)
P.O. Box 1563, Harrisonburg, VA 22803